Kids Art Party

Last Sunday I had my very first kids art party! My good friend Jen loves art and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She’s always brainstorming to come up with business ideas for me and ways to market them and who to market to. She’s a mom and knows that moms are always looking for new, fun, fresh party ideas. Hence, the Kids Art Party was born…

The first Kids Art Party was thrown at Jen’s awesome beach house for the 2010 graduation class of Interlake Preschool. That’s right, I was hired to throw a painting party for 8 five-year-olds proudly graduating to Kindergarten next year. Enter my mother who spent her entire life as an art teacher. I couldn’t have done it without her advice and support. In fact, she was invited to the party and jumped in when I needed help!

This was also a great opportunity to paint kids faces for the first time. It turned out to be the perfect complement to the art project. The face painting got the kids excited and got their imaginations ignited so they were all ready to paint on their own!

Once I started painting faces, the party was on! A rambunctious little line quickly formed. Notice there are two kids in the chair...

This is Jen's son, Marshall T. He wanted me to paint a "rattle dragon" on his face. In case you didn't know, a rattle dragon is "like a dragon but a rattlesnake too. And it has really really sharp wings."

And what did all the little girls want...?

...Butterflies of course!

Best friends = matching butterflies.

It's a tiger. With wings.

This little cutie wanted a green rattlesnake wtih green rattles and a LOT of green glitter...

We are discussing what colors she wants for her butterfly.

Pink and yellow!

Now the graduates get to paint!

Marshall T got into it... fact, he was quite the little Jackson Pollock!

Jacob was very serious. And very precise. He definitely had a vision he was after.

I love it when kids use up the whole paper!

They were all working so hard!

The final pieces. I'm going to put all of these together in one big collage that will be a piece of art for Marshall T's bedroom. I'll post the final piece when it's all put together!

Facepainting Fiesta

I had a great time face painting at the 40th birthday fiesta last night. I made some new friends, plenty of tips and painted lots of beautiful faces!

This is Cassie. She was my first customer and we hit it off right away. By the end of the night she was trying to find me a boyfriend and insisting that I go karaoke with her. I told her I would go but I would NOT karaoke.

This beautiful little girl is named Charlotte. She was my second customer and the first child I've ever painted! After I was done, she looked at it and said "where's the pirate?" She had watched me paint the skull and crossbones above Cassie's mask and insisted on having a skull too. (this photos is pre-skull).

The second child I've every painted. He asked me to paint the skull with red, glowing eyes. Done.

Mini eye roses. So pretty.

He got a sugar skull on one cheek...

...and a giant chili pepper on the other cheek.

Mexican Flowers

Kimberly was wearing an awesome sparkly shirt and I painted her an awesome mask to match!

Annie, the birthday girl. She's so happy!

This is my friend Nickie who asked me to face paint for the party. Wearing her love for the birthday girl on her arm...

The birthday girl's mom.

This is Cat. She is newly engaged so she got a heart-themed mask.

Cat's fiance showing his love. He proposed to her in a hot air balloon...

SUGAR SKULL! This guy was such a trooper and let me paint his entire face. You can't see in the photo but it is also covered in white glitter.

...and smiling. ๐Ÿ˜€

All together now....

Petpalooza vs. Facepainting

I’m not going to make it to Petpalooza today. I got the opportunity to face paint at a 40th “fiesta” birthday party and it has taken priority for the day. I had big dreams of getting to both Petpalooza and the fiesta, but just wasn’t able to fit in the hour drive to and from Petpalooza before the party.

I did however make up a littleย  brochure for pet portraits and in lieu of Petpalooza, I’ll be hitting up all the popular organic pet food stores, pet clothing boutiques and doggie day spas in Seattle this week!

Here is a pic of the pet portrait brochure and some fun facepainting practice photos from last night.

Pet portrait first step to getting some new business!

You've seen me in a green mask for St. Patty's day. Here's a red mask, slightly more refined. Practice makes perfect...eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a new love for Sugar Skulls. Very Mexican. Very fiesta!

On my bathroom floor practicing on my legs. This is how one becomes a face painter...


I have decided to turn Pets Week into Pets Month. You might think it’s because I’ve been slacking, but it’s not!

I went to happy hour last night and a friend tipped me off about Petpalooza. After a morning of internet research, I have found that Petpalooza is a giant pet fair taking place later this month in Auburn, WA. It is the mecca for crazy cat ladies and dog men, all of them surely wanting to pay me to paint their furry little BFFs. This means, I have two weeks to hone my pet painting skills, create some marketing materials and be ready to schmooze my way into the hearts of thousands of pet lovers at Petpalooza.

I’ve got two more paintings in progress, and lots of pet models waiting in line…Alby, Lola, Ethel, Kisses – get ready for your closeups!

Max the Scottish Fold (It's a cat). In progress.

Harri the Labadoodle. In progress.

Goodbye French Lingerie, Hello Commission!

I got commissioned to do a painting today! I was actually approached by this person at my art show last Saturday, but you never know when someone is serious or just getting caught up in the excitement of the moment. But today we agreed on a price, size, concept and the “buyer” is dropping off the “thing” I will be painting any minute now. Notice I’m being discreet? This is because it’s going to be a surprise for someone! So fun. I doubt this someone reads my blog but you never know…I will share more next week when I can, but here’s a little hint. The painting is small, no people, just an object(s)…but, this object often appears in my work. And it usually holds something yummy in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m leaving you with a photo of one of my all-time favorite paintings, French Lingerie. This is the painting I sold last Saturday. Its time has come to start a new life in a new home. And it’s time for me to move on and paint new favorites…which will start next week with THEME WEEKS! What are theme weeks you ask? Check in on Monday and find out!

French Lingerie, 30"x40", acrylic and charcoal on canvas. SOLD.