Petpalooza vs. Facepainting

I’m not going to make it to Petpalooza today. I got the opportunity to face paint at a 40th “fiesta” birthday party and it has taken priority for the day. I had big dreams of getting to both Petpalooza and the fiesta, but just wasn’t able to fit in the hour drive to and from Petpalooza before the party.

I did however make up a little  brochure for pet portraits and in lieu of Petpalooza, I’ll be hitting up all the popular organic pet food stores, pet clothing boutiques and doggie day spas in Seattle this week!

Here is a pic of the pet portrait brochure and some fun facepainting practice photos from last night.

Pet portrait first step to getting some new business!

You've seen me in a green mask for St. Patty's day. Here's a red mask, slightly more refined. Practice makes perfect...eventually. 🙂

I have a new love for Sugar Skulls. Very Mexican. Very fiesta!

On my bathroom floor practicing on my legs. This is how one becomes a face painter...