Kids Art Party

Last Sunday I had my very first kids art party! My good friend Jen loves art and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She’s always brainstorming to come up with business ideas for me and ways to market them and who to market to. She’s a mom and knows that moms are always looking for new, fun, fresh party ideas. Hence, the Kids Art Party was born…

The first Kids Art Party was thrown at Jen’s awesome beach house for the 2010 graduation class of Interlake Preschool. That’s right, I was hired to throw a painting party for 8 five-year-olds proudly graduating to Kindergarten next year. Enter my mother who spent her entire life as an art teacher. I couldn’t have done it without her advice and support. In fact, she was invited to the party and jumped in when I needed help!

This was also a great opportunity to paint kids faces for the first time. It turned out to be the perfect complement to the art project. The face painting got the kids excited and got their imaginations ignited so they were all ready to paint on their own!

Once I started painting faces, the party was on! A rambunctious little line quickly formed. Notice there are two kids in the chair...

This is Jen's son, Marshall T. He wanted me to paint a "rattle dragon" on his face. In case you didn't know, a rattle dragon is "like a dragon but a rattlesnake too. And it has really really sharp wings."

And what did all the little girls want...?

...Butterflies of course!

Best friends = matching butterflies.

It's a tiger. With wings.

This little cutie wanted a green rattlesnake wtih green rattles and a LOT of green glitter...

We are discussing what colors she wants for her butterfly.

Pink and yellow!

Now the graduates get to paint!

Marshall T got into it... fact, he was quite the little Jackson Pollock!

Jacob was very serious. And very precise. He definitely had a vision he was after.

I love it when kids use up the whole paper!

They were all working so hard!

The final pieces. I'm going to put all of these together in one big collage that will be a piece of art for Marshall T's bedroom. I'll post the final piece when it's all put together!