Facepainting Fiesta

I had a great time face painting at the 40th birthday fiesta last night. I made some new friends, plenty of tips and painted lots of beautiful faces!

This is Cassie. She was my first customer and we hit it off right away. By the end of the night she was trying to find me a boyfriend and insisting that I go karaoke with her. I told her I would go but I would NOT karaoke.

This beautiful little girl is named Charlotte. She was my second customer and the first child I've ever painted! After I was done, she looked at it and said "where's the pirate?" She had watched me paint the skull and crossbones above Cassie's mask and insisted on having a skull too. (this photos is pre-skull).

The second child I've every painted. He asked me to paint the skull with red, glowing eyes. Done.

Mini eye roses. So pretty.

He got a sugar skull on one cheek...

...and a giant chili pepper on the other cheek.

Mexican Flowers

Kimberly was wearing an awesome sparkly shirt and I painted her an awesome mask to match!

Annie, the birthday girl. She's so happy!

This is my friend Nickie who asked me to face paint for the party. Wearing her love for the birthday girl on her arm...

The birthday girl's mom.

This is Cat. She is newly engaged so she got a heart-themed mask.

Cat's fiance showing his love. He proposed to her in a hot air balloon...

SUGAR SKULL! This guy was such a trooper and let me paint his entire face. You can't see in the photo but it is also covered in white glitter.

...and smiling. 😀

All together now....